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Medical Negligence

Doctor, nursing, and hospital negligence
Doctor, nursing, and hospital negligence

What is medical negligence?

Medical professionals are required to follow accepted standards of care when treating patients. If they violate standards of care, there is negligence. This can happen in a hospital, a doctor’s office, a therapy clinic, or a nursing home.

An unreasonable delay in diagnosis can be negligence. A misdiagnosis can be negligence. An unreasonable delay in treatment can be negligence. An unnecessary procedure can be negligence. Failure to refer a patient to a specialist can be negligence.

If you think you have been injured by the negligence of a medical professional, contact an attorney.

Why do I need to hire an attorney?

Medical malpractice is a fairly specialized area of practice. In Texas, there are certain deadlines and legal requirements that apply only to medical negligence lawsuits. It is important to work with an attorney familiar with these requirements and with experience pursuing these claims.

Every medical negligence claim must be reviewed by a doctor familiar with the standards of care. The expert will advise the attorney on whether negligence caused the injuries.

Many doctors are hesitant to criticize another medical professional practicing in the same community. Even when they believe a patient was injured due to negligence. That is why most cases must be reviewed by expert doctors outside the local medical community, and often in a State outside Texas.

You will need an attorney to locate a qualified medical doctor — respected in his field — willing to review your case and provide an objective opinion about whether negligence was the cause of your injuries. You want this expert opinion before any lawsuit is filed.

At the Avant Law Firm, we have years of experience handling medical negligence claims and lawsuits. With the help of medical experts, we can help you find answers.

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How soon should I consult an attorney?

Medical negligence is a specialized area of practice. You will need an attorney familiar with the rules and deadlines that apply to these cases. At the Avant Law Firm, we are selective about the cases we accept. We respect the medical profession. However, we know that serious injury and death can occur when medical professionals violate the standards of care accepted in the medical community. And if this has happened to you, we want to help.

Before filing a lawsuit, it is necessary to obtain all relevant medical records for review. So requesting and obtaining all medical records is the first priority. This takes time.

Before filing a lawsuit, we will want to locate a medical doctor to review your medical records. This search takes time. Before filing a lawsuit, we want the opinion of a qualified medical doctor about whether your injuries were caused by negligence. This expert review of the records takes time.

In Texas, a medical negligence lawsuit must be filed within two years of the negligent act or injury. If we accept your case, your case will have been reviewed by a reputable doctor and you will know whether negligence was the cause of your injury before filing a lawsuit. If you want answers, let the Avant Law Firm get them for you.

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