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Traffic Accidents

Car accidents, trucking accidents, bus accidents, bike accidents, and pedestrian accidents
Car accidents, trucking accidents, bus accidents, bike accidents, and pedestrian accidents

Drivers have a duty not to endanger other drivers on the road. But in Dallas and the surrounding cities, traffic accidents have become all too common.

Negligent driving is the failure to exercise ordinary care while driving. This means failing to do what a careful driver would do under the same circumstances. Examples might be following another car too closely or driving at a speed that is unsafe for the conditions. Another example could be failing to wait for a car to pass before turning left at an intersection. When this results in an impact with another car, and you are hurt, you may have a claim for negligence.

The distraction of smartphones has only made the roads more dangerous. A car driving 55 mph travels 300 feet, or the length of a football field, in just three seconds. While most drivers might not be checking their phones while driving 55 mph, a car driving 25 mph would cover half a football field in just three seconds. Knowing this, it’s no wonder that texting or checking phones while driving has caused so many crashes.

If you’ve been hurt because another driver failed to exercise care while driving, you may have a claim. Call now for a free consultation.

We Will Fight for You

If you’ve been hit by another car, the other driver’s insurance company will do what it can to deny your claim. Hire an attorney. The insurance adjuster will argue that the collision was your fault, or that you were not injured. You need an attorney to investigate your claim. An attorney can talk to the investigating officer, hire an accident reconstructionist, interview witnesses, obtain copies of your medical records and bills, and communicate with the insurance company.

If a settlement is not possible, an attorney can file a lawsuit, obtain sworn testimony from the other driver, and get your case to trial.

Unless your attorney is willing and able to take your case to trial, the insurance company will not treat you fairly. Hire an attorney with extensive trial experience. That reputation will serve you well in settlement negotiations and in court if settlement is not possible.

At the Avant Law Firm, we treat every case as if it were going to trial. We hope the insurance company will treat you fairly and make you a settlement offer you can accept. But if not, we’re ready. Call now for a free consultation.

Injury-Causing Traffic Accidents

Traffic accidents come in many forms, including:

What about medical care?

Some people have health insurance, but their doctor may refuse treatment for injuries caused by traffic accidents. Often, this is because they do not want to talk to attorneys, turn over medical records, or risk having to give sworn testimony about a patient’s injuries. If this happens to you, an attorney can help you find a doctor willing to provide the treatment you need and produce your records or testimony in court.

Some people have health insurance but are strapped with excessive deductibles or co-payments. These policies make it financially impossible to get therapy, x-rays, MRIs, and even prescriptions. Others have no health insurance and cannot afford to pay for treatment out of pocket. If this happens to you, an attorney can help find doctors, imaging clinics, or pharmacies who will wait to be paid from the other driver’s car insurance.

A hospital may refuse to bill health insurance and file a lien in the county records. In Texas, if you receive care from a hospital within 72 hours of a car accident, the hospital can file a lien against you. Hospitals often elect to do this to recover the full amount of the bill, rather than the reduced rate paid by health insurance. If this happens to you, an attorney can negotiate with the hospital and help you get released from that lien.

An attorney can help get you the medical care you need or help you recover the money you need for medical bills. Having no attorney could mean you go without medical treatment or you go without the ability to pay the medical bills.

Why hire an attorney?

It is not unusual for a medical provider to refuse treatment for traffic accident injuries. It’s not unusual for a hospital to refuse health insurance as payment for injuries caused in a collision. And, of course, some people suffer injuries in traffic accidents that are not their fault but have no health insurance to pay the mounting debt of medical bills.

Having an attorney can make the difference in receiving the treatment you need and recovering fair compensation for your traffic accident injuries and going without necessary medical care or owing money to hospitals, doctors, radiologists, and therapists.

The Avant Law Firm can help arrange payment for your medical care through your health insurance or the insurance of the at-fault driver. We can negotiate your outstanding medical bills with your medical providers to make sure any payment or reimbursement is reasonable.

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